feature, update, and bug fixing [!!!Please reply!!!]

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feature, update, and bug fixing [!!!Please reply!!!] Empty feature, update, and bug fixing [!!!Please reply!!!]

Post  leon1298 on Thu Mar 08, 2012 7:01 pm

1. With Bukkit when players join and leave sometimes the player-online list won’t change and when he comes back on it says there's two of him on. It’s a small but annoying bug.

2. Update mine-control already its been almost a year and it still has the old items, you never reply to topics, it’s like you forgot about you cool project.

3. Make the client version already for the computer already.

4. Chat don't work on at all!!!
You dont see players chat or your chat!!!

(I love mine-control but, you are not updating it, or responding to topics, and not make it more stable for bukkit. I think you need to make a special version for bukkit because like no one uses the default one from minecraft.net)

Mine-Control is very cool but, it’s not when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.


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