Some Suggestions to the PC software only

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Some Suggestions to the PC software only Empty Some Suggestions to the PC software only

Post  aaro4130 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:26 am

For the PC software, you should make it so:
-If someone right clicks a players name, they can teleport them to another, ban them, kick them, pardon them, etc.
-The CONSOLE shows errors instead of the server stopping, and maybe if the server stops because of an error make a MsgBox saying "An error occured while starting the server, please check the console."
-Maybe improve some coding? For some reason the program crashes ALOT :/
-Have the minecraft_server.jar in a folder called server so that the main dir is not cluttered
-In server settings, UPDATE the ComboBox for worlds on the Click() method, so that if I copy a world while the server is running, I can select it easier than restarting the program
-By default the time is set to "Normal"

P.S. If you need help I can gladly help with programming (10 yrs experience), graphics, etc
oh and I'm also wondering what control is used for the Setup button, hehe.


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