Some Port Forwarding info - from another post

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Some Port Forwarding info - from another post

Post  Bowmiester on Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:19 pm

I attached an image of my router setup for port forwarding. Hopefully it comes through on this forum!

Apologies if this is basic knowledge, but I just want to be sure Smile

There are two entries, one for MineControl and one for Minecraft. The public and private ports should match what you've entered in the Mine Control setup. The IP Address shown here is your computer's private IP.

From the router, I also get the WAN IP address that is assigned to me, and I use that in the Mine Control setup for the Public IP.

Every router is different, so the screens won't be the same, but I setup the port forwarding for my D-Link router under the "Advanced -> Virtual Server" screen.


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